Knowledge Discovery Process

In the context of software development projects

Knowledge discovery process

The process of knowledge discovery starts with identifying the knowledge to be discovered, which can be thought of as the question "what do we need to know?" This represents the gaps in understanding or information that an individual or group believe they lack. By recognizing what is unknown, i.e., the questions without answers, the process of knowledge discovery aims to fill in these gaps by finding answers through research, investigation, and other means. To learn more about the Knowledge Discovery Process, please refer to the this article.

Knowledge Discovery Process refers to the discovery and transformation of invisible knowledge into visible and tangible output.

The tangible output represents the knowledge discovered through the knowledge discovery process, encapsulating the new information that has been acquired. In contrast, the input represents the missing information or knowledge that needs to be discovered.

We do not address the question of the quality of the tangible output, assuming that it meets appropriate standards.

We consider the knowledge discovery part as a black box, and we don't know how it produces tangible output in response to input questions. We do not consider whether the black box is operated by senior or junior developers.

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