Inviting an author

If you want a developer who contributes to your organization to create an user account on KEDEHub.

Tip: We recommend using only one user account for all of your personal and professional contributions.

  1. Open your organization's dashboard.
  2. Go to the "Projects" tab of the dashboard.
  3. Search for the author by name. For instance searching for "kenya" matches users with the word "kenya" in their username.
  4. If KEDEHub has an author with tsuch a name then their name and email will be shown and you will be able to follow the next steps.
  5. Click the button "Invite this developer". There will be a message shown that this author is now invited by you.
  6. Ask them to check their email for a message from If needed to check the spam folder - the email may have been sent to spam by mistake.
  7. Ask them to take further action as outlined in "Claiming an author".

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