Consolidating multiple user accounts

If you have separate accounts for work and personal contributions, you can consolidate the accounts.

Tip: We recommend using only one user account for all of your personal and professional contributions.

The process of consolidating involves a requester user and a target user accounts. The requester send a request to give in his account and consolidate it into the target user account. The target user account receives the request and needs to agree in order the consolidation to happen.

  1. Open your KEDEHub profile. You are the requester user.
  2. Click the "Sign in to Edit" button.
  3. Check your email for login information. You should have received an email from If needed check your spam folder - the email may have been sent to spam by mistake.
  4. Click the link to log into your KEDEHub profile.
  5. Click the "Authors" tab.
  6. Enter a valid email address in order to find the target user account you want your current user to be consolideted into.
  7. If KEDEHub has an user with that email address then their name will be shown and you will be able to follow the next steps.
  8. Click the "Consolidate your user account into this one" button.
  9. You will see a confirmation message that the target user will be receiving an email with information how to proceed.
  10. Now the consolidation request have beed sent to the target user. Next steps are taken by the target user alone.
  11. The target user checks their email for consolidation message from If needed check your spam folder - the email may have been sent to spam by mistake.
  12. If the target user wants to consolidate the requester user into their Kedehub user then they should click the link to proceed.
  13. Upon clicking the link the target user wil see a page outlining the user ID tthat will be consolidated into the target user ID.
  14. The target uset must make sure this is the user ID they agree to consolidate.
  15. The target user clicka the button "Consolidate both user IDs"
  16. The target user will see a confirmation message that successfully consolidated the requester user with the certain ID into their user.

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